Having been pet owners for a number of years and taken on ten rescue dogs in that time, making a total of 3 cats and 11 dogs.  We were persuaded to take on a cruelty case dog from the local RSPCA. The problems this dog had and our efforts to get to grips with them led us down a path which totally changed our outlook on pet ownership and animal welfare.  We realised we had only been scratching at the surface before.  Thanks mainly to our excellent local dog training club in Barnet who pointed us in the right direction and gave much needed advice we realised amongst many other things how important feeding your pet a good nutritional diet can be.  Many behavioural problems can be linked to what and how you feed your pet, not to mention avoiding unnecessary vet bills by feeding your pet a good nutritious diet from the outset.
• Family Pet Services will only recommend products we believe to be the best for your pet.
• Whether it be a bag of food or a simple play toy quality is the key.
• We are here to help so give us a call 020 8441 8361

Founded in memory of
Musky Blue
RSPCA number 676/9


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